Sunday, 20 January 2008

Where I want to take this blog...

Here's a list of things I plan to write about soon:
  • That installing Debian with the net-installer and setting it up to use a LUKS encrypted partition with LVM partitions on top of that is very straightforward nowadays (thanks to those who made such a great installer!). And of course: why you might like LUKS, and LVM.
  • That you really don't need a blog like this because everything seems to be so well documented, but what I think I will add by writing stuff anyway. Or in other words: my preference for man pages and -doc packages over some obscure blogged how-to.
  • A discussion of useful options for keeping track of changes to your configuration files.
  • Some notes about my firewall configuration adventures.
  • A practical take on backing up your data (ideal takes on it are ubiquitous already :)).
And, of course, if I'm too slow to produce any of that, do prod me by leaving a comment.

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